Secure your medical data
through a blockchain network.

OpenMed uses blockchain technology to create a user-centric network of crowdsourced medical data, to enable patients to data ownership and security, while providing vast amounts of anonymous health data to researchers and practitioners.

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OpenMed is crucial to sustainable medical research.

Consumer data is worth billions, yet individuals have little control over how it is used.

Consumers’ obscure day-to-day activities are capitalistic opportunities for profit-driven corporations—resulting in privacy abuse, manipulative ads, and volatile insurance costs. Leaking medical data would be even more disastrous for regular individuals.

This is where OpenMed comes in. We’ve developed a secure blockchain platform that enables regular people to control their medical data.

The OpenMed Platform APP

OpenMed allows signups for two different types of users: patients and researchers. Patients’ medical records are stored and encrypted in a peer-to-peer network.

Using the RSA algorithm, public and private keys are generated for all users. This approach ensures that patients may selectively grant data access to researchers while blocking third parties and alleviating consumers’ concerns for data privacy.

  • Give researchers conditional access to data
  • Secure, immutable peer-to-peer network
  • Profit off medical breakthroughs made on your data
  • Easy-to-use UI, wallet aggregator


November 2019

Start of the OpenMed Platform Development.

November 2019

CES Submission.

November 2019

Build out all current features outlined in infrastructure map.

December 2019

Streamline integration of hashing algorithm & ETH smart contract.

December 2019

Build out smart contracts and database for more use cases.

January 2020

Revamp and streamline frontend application.

February 2020

Integrate with Hyperledger Fabric, a modular blockchain framework.

March 2020

Beta platform launch.

Late 2020 - Early 2021

Mission: develop a scaled model of consumer-centric database networks that can be applied to any industry involving the use of consumer data.

Young Innovators TEAM

We are a team of ambitious young innovators based in Toronto. We improve our knowledge of exponential technologies every day in hopes of leveraging them to impact billions.

William Law
Full Stack & AI Developer
Ruhani Walia
Blockchain & Crypto Developer
Matthew Ao
AI & Front End Developer
Biotech & QC Researcher

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OpenMed Whitepaper 1.0

Enabling data ownership and accessibility in healthcare through blockchain database networks. OpenMed uses ...

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